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Review: The Cabin In The Woods

The Cabin in the Woods

Released April 13, 2012

Rated R

Directed By Drew Goddard

Starring Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz, and Anna Hutchinson

95 Minutes

     The Cabin in the Woods is an extremely unique, and a times, far-fetched little gem. The film throws many genres into a pot and mixes them all together. It is primarily classified as horror, but incorporates comedy and drama as well. The premise is simple, but when you actually see the movie, you’re in for much more. The film is bloody, full of gore and gruesome scenes. Sometimes it comes off as serious, some times it comes off as funny.

The story line is very complex and will leave many viewers confused, some even reading into things way more than they should. I won’t spoil anything here, so don’t worry. The film has a conspiracy theme about it, making things very interesting to follow. The script is well written, with tons of funny lines and dialogue. You will be entertained from start to finish, I promise you that. The actors all do a fine job, delivering fine performances. The case is definitely more quantity than quality, but the movie is so entertaining, it makes up for any little flaws in the category.

The Cabin in the Woods is directed by Drew Goddard, who directed Cloverfield, another great horror. This guy definitely knows his stuff, as he delivers with his latest outing. The film does have excessive foul language, which could have been done without, but after all, it is a classic attribute of the genre. This is one of those movies that had a ton of hype, and for the most part it delivers, but fails on a few levels. It’s main low point is the fact that the plot is hard to follow and ultimately comprehend once all is said and done. Audiences may feel indifferent about the ending and wonder if there was an agenda behind the entire thing. Another con is the film’s inability to truly frighten, rather it goes for jumps and cheap scares, along with brutality. Overall, The Cabin in the Woods pleases, with it’s above average acting, great directing, strong script and exciting thrills. On the flip side, the end result will still leave some scratching their heads.


4 out of 5