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Christian Movies and Film Criticism

gods not dead movie poster

I always thought it was intriguing how Christian films were scored and viewed by movie critics. Most people are aware of the review aggregator sites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. If you aren’t, basically the sites compile all movie review scores from major critics into one number. Higher being better, of course. The general assumption is that critics will hate these movies right? It’s safe to say most major movie critics are secular and mostly liberal in political stance. I thought it would be interesting to look at what the critics say about Christian movies and also what movie-goers say about them. Let’s take a look using Rotten Tomatoes’ scores.

Fireproof (2008)






RT Critics: 40%

RT Viewers: 83%

How to Save a Life (2010)

how to save a life






RT Critics: 33%

RT Viewers: 82%

Courageous (2011)







RT Critics: 30%

RT Viewers: 86%

God’s Not Dead (2014)

god's not dead






RT Critics: 12%

RT Viewers: 85%

Son of God

son of god






RT Critics: 22%

RT Viewers: 76%

Heaven is for Real (2014)

heaven is for real






RT Critics: 49%

RT Viewers: 76%

There you have it. Obviously, movie-goers around the world show an overwhelming amount of love for Christian-based movies. Does this show a personal bias from critics because of the “content” or subject matter of these films or do they genuinely critique them without bias as if they would a typical summer blockbuster? Do these movies really need to have Oscar-worthy film fundamentals? Do they really have to be compared to Hollywood’s best? Then again, their aim is to better society, display moral values and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not much bad can be said about these movies as far as morality and message. It could be the cold hearts of critics who simply want to bash and destroy. It could be they think the movies are terrible as far as quality goes. Personally, I’ve seen all these movies except Son of God and Heaven is for Real. I thought To Save a Life was a great film fundamentally, as far as acting and storytelling go, yet critics hated it. At the same time, I thought Fireproof had awful acting and was below average in almost every category. However, the message is what matters most, so I’m not going to put a number on it. So, a Christian such as myself can openly critique a Christian movie without bias. I will call out a movie, no matter the genre or subject, when it’s simply “bad”, fundamentally. Film criticism is fun and great, but when religion or politics come into play, personal feelings and opinions rear their ugly heads. The moral of the story is that we shouldn’t always trust movie critics when it comes to Christian films. I firmly believe that as Christians, we should support these low budget productions for the message and gospel. As for unbelievers, you should give them a chance and go in unbiased and open-minded. In the end, these movies exist to reach those who don’t believe, in the name of the gospel and LOVE. It’s refreshing and encouraging to see movie-goers speak loudly through these RT scores, drowning out the critics. With these scores, critics are essentially saying “Don’t bother going to see these movies, they suck.” Don’t listen. I want to encourage everyone to check out each and every one of these films. Don’t even criticize them, just listen to what they have to say.

What do you think? Do film critics show bias? Are they unfair when it comes to Christian films? Should these movies even be critiqued? What are your thoughts on the obvious numbers gap between the RT critics’ scores and viewers’ scores? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on Facebook.


The Worst of Wade’s Thoughts

In celebration of 100+ Fans on Facebook, we will take a look back at the worst films ever reviewed on Wade’s Thoughts, and get a good laugh, just don’t watch any of these, or you’ll probably end up punching yourself in the face.

The feeling is mutual, Adam

*Click on the title of each movie to read the full review (If you dare)

~Movies With a (0) Score~

Jack & Jill

A new low for Adam Sandler and a new low for film making. You’ll have more fun playing a game of Old Maid with your own sister, who likely isn’t as obnoxious and annoying as “Jill”. I would say that watching Jack & Jill is the equivalent of eating a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich covered in mold, that’s sat out for three weeks. Jack and Jill is bottom of the barrel, worst of the worst, and God have mercy on your soul if you’ve watched it.

I Don’t Know How She Does It

No, Sarah Jessica Parker, we will never know how you do it, how you continue to make god-awful movies with such consistency. Maybe Sarah should re-think her career choice, because this is the last straw. Not only is Sarah bad, everything about this movie is bad. You also get to see Pierce Brosnan’s career disintegrate before your eyes. Is it just me or does every other man on the face of the Earth want to see Sarah Jessica Parker fall on her face in a pair of heels in the street? Maybe then we wouldn’t have to endure her hideous movies every year.

Dream House

Daniel Craig has disowned Dream House, you should too. I would rather be forced to vomit for 12 straight hours than watch this horrendous piece of garbage.

Love, Wedding, Marriage

Famous for receiving a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, Love Wedding Marriage is abysmal on ever possible level, and should be avoided at all costs. Instead of watching it, you should go break your face on the bathroom mirror, because I would rather do that then sit through this awful mess again.

The Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Aniston is at it again, ruining everything she touches. In her defense, it’s not just her, everything about The Bounty Hunter is terrible. Words will never be able to describe just how bad this movie is.

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Trust me, you don’t want to hear about the Morgans, as a matter of fact, no one does, because this movie is an absolute and utter failure in every aspect. It is the mere definition of “bore fest”. It has no substance or purpose whatsoever.

~Movies With a (0.5) Score~

Letters To Juliet

Sitting through Letters To Juliet is like a miniature prison sentence. I wanted to turn it off at least 30 times because it was so awful. I had a party afterwards in celebration for being free from the torture this movie provided.

The Ugly Truth

The truth isn’t the only thing that’s ugly here. First, you have Katherine Heigl, who pretty much curses any movie she’s in. Second, you have Gerard Butler, who’s famous for being the obnoxious jerk in these types of films. Third, you have an utterly absurd premise which translates into a tiring story. Lastly, throw in every rom-com cliche possible, then you get The Ugly Truth, which I assume is the fact that no one should watch this movie, ever.

~Movies With a (1.0) Score~


With the most absurd story you will ever see in a movie, a thousand action movie cliches, uneven pacing and horrible acting, not even Taylor Lautner’s six pack can save this sorry excuse for a film.

The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks dishes out yet another horrid, laughable, cliched mess of a movie that will have the teenage girls sobbing of how “sad” the story is, while everyone else will be crying because they have to endure the torture. Zac Efron is an absolute joke here as well, acting as eye candy for the ladies than actually trying to put on a good acting performance. His facial expression is nearly the same in every scene, which looks like a model trying to pose for a photo shoot. Not to mention, the chemistry between the leads is hardly existent.

The Change-Up

Ryan Reynold’s pompous attitude mixed with constant foul language and awful story telling make The Change Up unenjoyable from start to finish. Avoid it at all costs.

How Do You Know

Despite a talented cast, How Do You Know is like a lost puppy trying to find it’s way. It’s more confused than anything else. It doesn’t even remotely come close to answering it’s title name’s question, and doesn’t offer anything else either, making it void in every way.

Little Fockers

Let’s just hope The Little Fockers don’t have more little Fockers to continue the family tradition, because this series just went down the toilet. Instead of trying to make a funny, enjoyable third entry, the film makers decided to make it a quick cash in for all involved. It’s tiring, boring and never should have been made. This is a disgrace to Meet The Parents and a slap in the face to fans of the series.

The Back-Up Plan

Okay, here’s the plan, don’t watch this movie. Here’s the back up plan: If you are somehow forced to watch this movie, immediately jump out of the nearest window when the opening credit start to roll. The film has no purpose, no redeeming qualities, and no depth. It’s eye candy for both sexes wrapped up into a nice little package full of things like a bad story, boring plot, absurd premise and horrible acting, served to you by a “shoot yourself” annoying, Jennifer Lopez.

Dear John

Dear John, thank you for being the most cliche, boring, and horrible chick flick of all time. Your legacy will live on in the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, who will most likely realize how stupid they were for liking such an epic failure of a film in their early days. Thank you for showing us what true love is, and making them believe that this is actually what it’s like, so when they actually get in relationships, their expectations will be so high that nothing will ever live up to their standards,  which were ingrained into their heads by you.  Thank you for absolutely nothing, but a terrible excuse of a love story, candy coated with two attractive leads. Thank you John, for absolutely nothing. Sincerely, the human race.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a perfect example of a ton of talented actor’s talents being thrown in a garbage can, with no remorse or shame whatsoever. You’re better off spending Valentine’s Day alone with your dog, sobbing while reading love letters from your ex girlfriends. You would be a whole lot happier doing that than enduring such a painful movie like this.