Lost (TV Series) Season 1 Review

Lost S1 CoverSo I totally missed out on Lost, the iconic JJ Abrams-bred television series that held captive the hearts and minds of millions from 2005 to 2010. On evening I decided to watch one episode, not knowing I would soon purchase all six seasons on Blu-Ray shortly after. Yes, it captured my attention and hasn’t let go, as I am now on Season 3. My girlfriend and I watch several episodes per week, sometimes together, sometimes separately, and it’s something that has become a fun activity for us. We are both hooked! I’m looking forward to giving brief reviews for each season as I make my way through this captivating television show.

Season 1 of Lost saw the cast of Lost getting “lost” for the very first time as their airplane crashes and mysteriously, everyone survives. The show instantly grabs you as odd and inconceivable things begin to take place and it soon becomes evident the island has a mind of it’s own and more importantly, they aren’t alone. Character development in this show is simply impeccable as we see flashback for every single character showing important moments in each of their lives. This gives each character depth and helps you to understand who they are. The actors are all spectacular and what’s cool is that there are multiple leads, not just one primary character. JJ Abrams’ fingerprints are all over the show as it offers tons of mystery and things you must try to figure out. Why are these people here? How could everyone survive the plane crash? Where exactly is this island? Who are the “others”? There are endless questions and the show makes you beg for answers. The story line is gripping and unrelenting with top-notch drama and heaps of emotion. There will be characters you love and ones you despise. Each one is different an unique. There’s at least one you’ll connect with and be able to relate to. Emotional investment is inevitable. There’s not much to dislike about Lost: Season 1. It’s the beginning of a vast journey, one you will gladly take, no matter how long the distance. This is how you do a TV show.

5 out of 5


Lost S1 Cast

Lost Season 1 Cast



One response to “Lost (TV Series) Season 1 Review

  1. Great overview, I recently began to rewatch the series. If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts, I reviewed season 1 on my blog.

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